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Fees and Charges

Included in your fees and charges will be;

· Your exclusive choice of ceremony content, 

· A professional friendly and timely service, 

· A package containing suggestions for your Introduction, Poems, Readings, Vows, Ring Ceremonies etc to assist you, 

· A Questionnaire to assist you to write your own personalized and unique Ceremony Introduction, 

  • Unlimited contact either face to face, telephone or by E Mail to assist you with the content of your Wedding ceremony,

· A copy of your Ceremony, via Email, is sent to you for your final approval,

· Availability of a P.A. System so that everyone can hear your Ceremony,  

· Any telephone, mailing and travel (within local area) costs are included,  

· Completion of all legal requirements within 14 days (by post) under the Marriage Act 1961, 

· Pre Wedding Rehearsal at your venue. (local area)

We will look after and play your choice of Music at the ceremony for you.

Fees range from $430 to $530 depending on venue location and number of guests attending.There will be a small price increase in November next year so get your booking in before the end of November.

For those wishing to have a small intimate and simple wedding on weekdays, Beverley conducts, at special prices, wedding ceremonies in her garden.

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